Survival of the Fittest

10 year olds these days are known for their incredibly boundless energy and their ever increasing wit, balancing on the line between child and teenage-hood. We were approached to develop and produce an interactive party concept for a 10 year old Rayan’s birthday – a challenge we took extremely seriously! Taking inspiration from active shows like ‘Survivor’ and ‘The Amazing Race’ – we created our own PG 10 version for this birthday party. Challenges tested mental, physical and sensory skills all which had to be displayed in teams of 7 or 8 individuals. There were obstacle courses, food challenges, nominated team leaders with special arm bands, quizzes, designing team t-shirts all while solving riddles to get to the next clue/the next level! The winning team was presented with ‘winners badges’ incorporating the customised logo created for the game, and keeping with the survivor theme, we created ‘tiki flame’ goodie bags as their giveaways. This project was a major victory for us given the extremely short timeline (one week!), but it’s one game we know the kids will be talking about for a while.

DestinationHong KongServices3 Degrees developed and produced the party concept and ‘Survival of the Fittest’ game (including all materials), and giveaways.