Little Tai Hang

Tucked away in a small and quaint corner of Tai Hang is one of Hong Kong’s most enchanting hidden gems – Little Tai Hang. Designed with meticulous devotion to detail and comfort, the Hotel & Serviced Apartments boasts extraordinary charm, to which we had the pleasure of organising the Grand Celebration Opening Party. Partnering up with Pernod Ricard, Second Draft Gastropub & Bond we created a beverage & gastronomic journey where guests filtered from the Penthouse down into each restaurant, experiencing a different drink and a unique experience on each floor. Guests were greeted at the start of the night to a space with live music, a vintage photo-booth and a multitude of optional journeys to take. LED Lion dances took their breath away, with the evening ending on a sweet note with treats of egg waffles and Mister Softee ice cream. Truly an exquisite, one of a kind evening, to complement the boutique hotel that is Little Tai Hang.

DestinationHong KongServices3 Degrees liaised with the venue, handled production, decor, food & beverage, logistics, giveaway bags, and on the day management.