Fly Me to The Rhone

Welcome to the Rhone Valley – A region in Southern France famous for it’s characteristic wines. With wines from four different vineyards, we invited members from an exclusive members only club, to be transported on a journey through the valley with a one of a kind wine tasting experience over a Sunday brunch. We wanted guests to feel like they had left Hong Kong and walked into a southern French backyard complete with lavenders, wine barrels and family photos of the winemakers, all to some melodic french tunes. To add to the entire experience, we conceptualised the entire event to be one where guests felt like they were boarding a flight to their destination. We had customised passports with space for tasting notes, boarding passes with the three different tasting options, and the staff even wore in flight steward attire. It definitely was the quickest journey to the Rhone Valley on a Sunday Afternoon.

DestinationHong KongServices3 Degrees coordinated with the exclusive members club to help produce an event appropriate for the target clientele. We chose the venue, conceptualised the entire event, styled and decorated as well as provided on the day management services.